PoliLam was established to be different than other laminate companies in our industry, an interior designer’s choice of laminate. With a strong focus in our product development; our range is extremely curated and continuously updated to fit interior designer’s needs.
"At the core of our philosophy is a focus on three things: the importance of color to generate emotion; the importance of texture to emphasize quality; and the importance of culture, bringing it all together."

Product highlights

Ace Surfaces™

Our Ace Surfaces™ collection is made using electron beam curing, which creates an ultra-matte surface that is resistant to fingerprint and residue. It also has scratch and abrasion-resistant properties. Ace Surfaces™ are engineered to leave no trace. Appealing to the senses, Ace Surfaces™ captivate with bold designs and baby skin soft touch. They’re the surface of our age, adapting to everyday touch, use and wear, without the worry of handprint or residue. Radiating ease with low maintenance and durable properties, they make cleaning a breeze.

High Pressure Decorative Laminate

HPL or high pressure decorative laminate (HPDL) is one of the most durable surface materials out there. It is used in interiors and furniture making across the world and is considered the most environmentally friendly countertop surface. HPL is resistant to impact, abrasion, and everyday surface wear and tear, as well as being water resistant. Our range includes woodgrains, patterns (fabric, marble, stones, abstract), and a large range of trendy solid colors.

Additional Products

Apart from our traditional laminate collection we work with customizable digital print designs, so if you have an idea or searching for something that is not within our range there’s a good chance, we can customize it for you! You’ll be impressed with our quick turnaround time and what our designers can do. Additional Products: Compact Laminate up to 24mm (0.9” inches) vertical grade thickness, LAVA Board a wall panel solution with Grade A fire qualities, Thermally Fused Laminates, contact a PoliLam representative to learn more about these products.


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