Material Bank is the world’s largest materials resource library in the architecture and design industry. It is the only place for architects, interior designers and design professionals to search materials from leading manufacturers on a single platform and, with the click of a button, receive samples by 10:30 a.m. the next day.

Yes, Material Bank is 100% free to design professionals. We are not a Freemium service, and we will not ask for your credit card after you have placed a certain number of orders. We are 100% free for approved users.

By storing, fulfilling, and packing items from multiple brands in our centralized logistics hub, we are able to aggregate requests for samples across brands into a single box for shipping.  This aggregated shipment delivers significant cost savings and allows us to offer services to our Brand Partners at a cost often lower than if they fulfilled the sample request themselves.  Please know that when a sample is shipped, we notify our Brand Partner with your project details so that they can appropriately follow-up.

All members of Material Bank go through an approval process to ensure their credentials in the industry. Simply register with your company email address, and you will receive a notification once approved. In most cases, email addresses ending with Gmail, Yahoo, etc. will not be viewed as valid company email addresses.

Material Bank’s team of librarians is made up of expert researchers with extensive backgrounds in architecture and design. If you need help finding a specific material, have a question regarding material attributes, or require any other general material-related support, our librarians are here to help. Free of charge.

With the support of its Brand Partners, Material Bank might just be the single most sustainability focused company in our industry.  Through aggregation, Material Bank eliminates thousands of actual physical shipments of material samples each and every week. And, through our sample return program, Material Bank reclaims more samples than any other company in the world. As samples are returned, our teams perform a quality control check and restock items that pass for re-use in Material Bank.

Similar to other complex search tools, Material Bank’s search results are determined by algorithms which factor your search quarry against Material Bank’s diverse attribute set.

Unlike other complex search tools, Material Bank’s search is 100% unbiased. None of our Brand Partners pay for ranking or placement in our search results. As such, with every search you run, you can rest assured that you are seeing the materials that most closely match your specific search request, not a product someone paid for you to see.

Each and every day, we are updating the site, and we are constantly adding new materials. If you do not see what you are looking for, use the “Ask a Material Expert” feature to let us help you find what you need.

If you are looking for a particular manufacturer that is not available on Material Bank, we want to know! Contact us at support@materialbank.com.


Our experts work to ensure Material Bank data is complete and accurate. As part of our process, we collect data from third party sources, and often rely upon the accuracy of this information. So, prior to making any critical project decisions, we strongly encourage you to perform your own due diligence and suggest you speak directly to your manufacturer representative to verify all product details. For additional information on this topic please review section 8 of our terms and conditions.

Material Bank strongly encourages returning all unneeded samples. To facilitate this process, we’ve created Sample Loop®, the fastest, most efficient and cost-free way to return samples (including those not ordered from Material Bank!).

If your firm participates in Sample Loop, simply place unwanted samples from any manufacturer into the Sample Loop box and affix the prepaid label to ship it back to us. If your firm does not participate in the program or needs to request additional boxes, please contact support@materialbank.com.


Samples ordered by midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST), Monday through Friday, are delivered the next business day. Orders placed on Saturday by 5:00 p.m. EST are delivered on Monday. All deliveries are shipped via FedEx® Priority Overnight and received by 10:30 a.m.

All materials with the blue check mark are available for overnight delivery. Items not in stock ship directly from the manufacturer within 2 to 7 days.

No, international addresses are not currently accepted. Material Bank ships throughout the United States, with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and PO Box addresses.

Tracking information can be found within your Order History page on the morning following your order. If an order is shipped directly by the manufacturer, please contact them for detailed information.


Yes. Material Bank notifies the manufacturer when samples are requested, just as if you were to order directly from them. Your information will never be used for marketing purposes, but rather to facilitate communication for your project needs.

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Welcome to the future of material sampling.

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Welcome to the future of material sampling.

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