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The process starts here. By selecting Request Return Packaging, your next order will include sample return packaging. If you’ve already submitted an order, and then place this request, the return packaging will come in your next delivery.

Collect Samples

As you receive samples from Material Bank, we encourage you to consolidate items from multiple shipments prior to returning them. Material Bank accepts items from any of its Brand Partners, whether delivered from us, or directly from the brand.

Return Free

All shipping return options provided by Material Bank are pre-paid and processed through USPS. Simply enclose your samples into the prepaid packing and drop off the package at any location where you would send your mail.

Its about sustainability and the future.

We love that you are interested in prioritizing material reuse and sustainability. Material Bank welcomes back any material you have received from us or directly from one of our Brand Partners.

Currently Material Bank provides three return shipping solutions:

  • Returnable Trays
  • If your next order is an envelope you will receive a return pack.
  • For Tiles or oversized carpets please reach out to

Help maximize sustainability efforts by consolidating samples from multiple orders, or from multiple team members, into a single return shipment.

Please be aware that Material Bank does not accept sample returns resulting from bulk office clean-up or library purges.

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Welcome to the future of material sampling.

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Welcome to the future of material sampling.

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