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Undulating tiles make a commotion

Undulating tiles
make a commotion.

It has to be functional. But you can make it fabulous. Give backsplashes a front seat with artful tiles that add a sense of movement, ideal for creating centerpieces in minimalist residential projects. But given the popularity of open-kitchen eateries, the approach is a natch for hospitality. And don’t forget all those bar backs—and all those captive eyes.
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Kid-proof flooring

Kid-proof flooring
puts design on the lesson plan.

They’re underage, but not unaware. Accelerate the next generation’s aesthetic education by specifying durable, style-conscious flooring. Tap the versatility of vinyl, and the flexibility (pun intended) of rubber, with patterns that provide multiple sensibilities for different school environments: abstract in the art room, timbered in the gym, colorful in the cafeteria.
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Backsplash Library

Speak volumes with library-worthy
textiles and surfaces.

As books edge ever closer to becoming anachronisms, the hallowed halls from whence they came are suddenly haute. There’s practically a sense of novelty in these echoes of formality, the autumnal fabrics and baronial woods. Sure, it’s old school. But given the right balance, it becomes an aspirational statement for the Everything-I Generation.
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Smart surfacing

Smart surfacing that
makes a bar a showstopper.

Hot spots once had two choices for bar tops: make it stylish enough for the elbows of the in-crowd, or durable enough to resist when they spill their spritz. But you can be the nightlife czar and the maintenance monarch by specifying surfacing materials that are impervious while delivering unexpected colors, patterns and simulated textures.
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