Metalunic is a manufacturing company specializing in exterior building envelope products and serving the residential, commercial, industrial and farming sectors in the United States and Canada. Metalunic manufactures steel- and aluminum-based roofing, siding and numerous types of moldings and trims. We have more than 20 years’ experience.
"Thoughtfully crafted high-performance steel siding solutions perfectly reproduce the warm aspect of wood."

Product highlights

Aesthetically Superior and Durable Siding

  • Perfectly reproduces the warm aspect of wood
  • Proprietary collection of 11 unique colors
  • Each color comes in six distinct shades for a true upscale wood look.
  • For exterior and interior applications

  • High-Performance PVDF Paint Coating

  • Provides highly effective protection against fading, corrosion, chalking, wear and abrasion
  • Maintenance-free siding
  • 40-year limited warranty
  • Coastal solution available (20-year warranty for coastal application)
  • 26-Gauge G90 Galvanized North American Steel

  • Concealed fasteners leave no visible seams or joints.
  • Panels are all 12-foot standard length and palletized in wooden crates.
  • Easy to install with as few as one or two people
  • Unique and exclusive matching moldings for building corners, junctions between roofs, walls, windows, doors and any type of transition
  • 100% Recyclable

  • Adherence to the highest environmentally friendly standards
  • Also contains recycled steel content
  • Contact

    Sales USA

    Manakin Sabot, Virginia, 23103
    Dennis W. Collins

    Headquarters & Sales Canada

    164 Royal Street
    Les Coteaux, Quebec
    J7X 1A6
    Jean Simon Legros

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