MADERA is a design and fabrication firm that utilizes the medium of wood for innovation and creative expression. We design and make the highest quality wood flooring, millwork, and furniture. Our mission is to bring wood’s natural beauty into the spaces our clients inhabit.
"Custom Flooring. Integrated Millwork. Bespoke Furniture.”

Product highlights

Curated, High Quality Product

  • Our products are fabricated and finished in Europe and the US with a focus on exceptional quality material, milling, custom grading and natural finishing.
  • Our Collections are designed to showcase the best species of wood for use in flooring, millwork and furniture.
  • We maintain a minimal palette of finishes to celebrate the natural beauty of wood.
  • Seamless Wood Design

  • We offer a suite of products to complement our wide plank flooring, including stairs, transitions, grilles, wall and ceiling paneling, interior doors, cabinet fronts, and exterior cladding.
  • Our products combine the beauty and durability of solid wood with the increased stability and economy of an engineered platform.
  • Exceptional Customer Service

  • We have an impeccable track record and satisfied repeat clients. Welcome to the family.
  • Installers love us! Our floors are designed for easy handling, installation, and flexibility on challenging job sites.
  • Customer support doesn’t end with the sale – we have a dedicated and professional customer support team to answer your questions.
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    NY Showroom

    909 Broadway
    New York, New York 10010

    LA Showroom

    810 Mateo Street
    Los Angeles, California 90021

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