Lapitec Sintered Stone

Lapitec is the next generation in surfacing. Made of 100% minerals, this product is the evolution in surfaces and is effectively man made volcanic rock. Suitable for countertops, cladding and flooring, Lapitec sintered stone comes in seven textures, and three thicknesses with through body patterns.
"Sintered stone is the evolution of quartz, it is silica free and safe for interior and exterior applications."

Product highlights

Sintered Stone

  • 100% minerals
  • No silica Evolution of quartz (next generation of surfaces)
  • Stain, scratch, UV resistant
  • Through Body Patterning

  • Unlike other materials, which are printed on top, Lapitec pattern and color are homogenous throughout the slab.
  • Veined patterns are easily fabricated and matched
  • Unlimited Applications

  • Interior or Exterior cladding, flooring and countertops
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