Green Oasis - Biophilic Solutions

"Design spaces people love to be in and foster a sense of connection using 'green-wall' solutions."

Product highlights

Natural Elements Are the Future of Design

  • Nature features are highly desirable in indoor and outdoor urban spaces
  • Create a sense of connection and calm in any space
  • "Green walls" contribute to acoustic comfort indoors
  • Contribute points to achieve LEED certification and WELL Building certification
  • Scalable Products

  • Acoustic felt substrate that can be precision-cut to fit in any space
  • Panels can be assembled to create multistory moss walls
  • POD Living Wall System can scale to any size project
  • Real Moss That Has Been Preserved

  • Never needs watering or sunlight to stay fresh and green
  • Available in a range of moss types and colors
  • Design, install and never worry about it again
  • Vertical Gardens That Support Plants Better

  • Fully enclosed irrigation system
  • Pests and leaves do not get into the system
  • Larger grow pots
  • Plants have more soil and retain moisture longer
  • Modular design
  • PODS can be installed on curved surfaces and irregular shaped areas
  • PODS install easily
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