Geolam is a hybrid aluminum, wood-plastic composite for cladding, architectural elements and decking. Our patented process enables heterogeneous materials to be successfully extruded together under heat. Geolam gives a modern, sanded wood aesthetic with none of the maintenance.
"The texture of real wood with the strength of aluminum. Easy to install, sustainable, and beautifully enduring.”

Product highlights

Geolam Technology: Patented Since 1992

  • We recycle waste wood + dry the fiber to 0% moisture
  • A thermoresin of mostly recycled polypropylene is added to the fibers with a reinforcing agent, creating a composite
  • This composite is the outer layer of our Elements + Cladding / Soffits profiles, with light aluminum at the core
  • A copolymer resin inseparably merges the aluminum + composite
  • A Greener Choice

  • Composed of 70-80% recycled materials
  • 100% recyclable
  • We use eco-friendly polypropylene plastic
  • No toxic fumes: Geolam can be used indoors and out
  • We hold the Eco-Mark label for environmental commitment. This label guarantees that Geolam products are harmless to human health and composed of at least 80% materials of recycled origin.
  • Superior in Safety, Strength and Sustainability

  • Noncombustible: Compliance with IBC 2018 (703.5.2), ASTM E136 (Appendix), IBC 2015, IBC 2018 (703.5.2), and ASTM E136 (Appendix)
  • Color stable and fade resistant: Geolam can be used in every climate, including extreme temperatures, high humidity and strong UV
  • Termite, mold and rot resistant
  • No maintenance required
  • Long lifecycle
  • More of What Geolam Offers

  • Stocked in the US with a 2-week lead time
  • Custom capabilities including lengths, colors, curves, made-to-order dies and profiles
  • You buy direct: all sales come through our head office
  • Easy to work with: we’re a flat organization with direct access to decision makers
  • Local sales reps will support you, including assisting with installers
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    North American Headquarters

    9 Shorncliffe Avenue
    Toronto Ontario M4V 1S9

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