Antolini, based in Verona, Italy, is the world leader in natural stone production and at the absolute forefront of the industry. The company, founded in 1956 and active today on a global scale, offers a wide selection of materials known for their exotic colors, finishes, and patterns.
"Designed by Nature and perfected in Italy."

Product highlights

Exclusive Collection

  • The portfolio of Antolini containing over 85 exceptional materials.
  • On a worldwide level, this selection represents the finest range of facings in natural stone, in terms of aesthetic force, refinement, high technological performance, and versatility of use.
  • Wide Variety of Natural Stones

  • More than 1300 natural stones
  • 14 collections
  • Producing 4,500 square meters of slabs a day, reaching one million a year
  • Quality

  • Through the keen exploration and technical skills of carefully selected experts, the company chooses the best quarries in the world to offer a unique range of Exclusive products.
  • A precious and versatile tool in the hands of creative minds, natural stone can be shaped and molded to give life to unique pieces of work.
  • Vision and Innovation

  • Azerocare® (for lux finish) and Azerocare®Plus (for lether and matt finishes) are brand new, innovative Antolini processes for surfaces in marble, onyx, and soft quartzite.
  • Tested in cycles of 24 hours, these processes offer protection against etching and staining caused by contact with acid-based, organic substances, such as lemon and wine.
  • Contact


    Via Guglielmo Marconi, 101
    37015, Sega di Cavaion
    Verona, Italy
    Phone: +39 045 6936611
    Fax: +39 045 6836666

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