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Acoufelt™ is all about Making Quiet™ for working, learning and living spaces. Thought leadership drives the Acoufelt Acoustic FWC™ philosophy of delivering acoustic materials suitable for all three surfaces: floor, wall and ceiling. Our innovative solutions eliminate compromise, allowing you to design for the ears and the eyes.


Acoufelt is committed to taking a holistic and integrated approach to solving our customers’ acoustics problems ― Making Quiet™ for real business advantage. At the heart of this approach is the Acoufelt Acoustic FWC™ philosophy.

World-class thought leadership in acoustics drives our approach to problem-solving, which results in an increasing number of industry-specific innovative solutions.

The “acoustic” versus “aesthetics” design compromise often has fallen in favor of aesthetics. The Acoufelt holistic approach means we look for ways to eliminate the need for compromise. Acoufelt acoustic carpet tiles featuring QuietBack™ can be used to absorb noise reflected from the floors, and walls and ceilings can be treated with acoustic panels that feature QuietPrint™, a holistic solution

Acoustic FWC™.

The Acoustic FWC™ philosophy looks at every surface as an opportunity for noise minimization.

Acoustically, every room is a cube: one floor, four walls and one ceiling. Internal surfaces contribute to either reflecting noise or Making Quiet™. Acoufelt's design, treatments and proprietary capabilities are used cumulatively to provide integrated and holistic acoustic solutions.

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