100% Carbon Neutral Shipping

100% Carbon Neutral

Ordering samples from Material Bank aligns with two important priorities of mine, sustainability and contributing to carbon footprint reduction.

Geraldine Drake, IIDA, WELL AP, LEED Green Associate
Interiors Practice Lead | Associate Principal
AECOM Buildings + Places

The fastest and most sustainable way to search and sample materials just got greener…

All Material Bank orders now ship 100% carbon neutral.

Why is carbon neutral shipping important to Material Bank?

Prioritizing and addressing the environmental impacts caused by massive sample shipments within the A&D community is foundational to Material Bank. By aggregating samples from multiple brands into a single box, Material Bank and its Brand Partners have drastically reduced sample shipments. Additionally, Material Bank’s sample reclamation program has allowed for unneeded samples to be reused and recycled instead of reaching landfills. Offsetting carbon emissions from sample shipments aligns with Material Bank’s perspective on environmental responsibility and reflects our continued efforts towards sampling sustainably.

How does a carbon offset work?

Offsetting carbon emissions involves calculating total carbon emissions, reducing them where possible (e.g. Material Bank’s sample aggregation), and balancing the remaining emissions by purchasing a carbon offset.

Total Carbon Emissions

- Reducing Carbon Emissions (Material Bank’s sample aggregation)
+ Carbon Offset Purchase
= Carbon Neutral Shipments

Carbon offset credits are then used to support projects that are actively working to reduce, absorb, or prevent carbon and other emissions from entering the atmosphere. Projects range from forestry conservation to technology that captures gas before it is released.

Who pays for Material Bank Carbon Neutral shipping?

Material Bank pays for all fees associated with carbon neutral shipping.

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