Pattern Play Acoustical/Decorative Panels
The sense of hand is apparent in each of the expressive patterns from our newest wood panel offering, Pattern Play Acoustical/Decorative Panels, Cuboid, Contour, Linear, Ziggurat and Formation. All are made from natural walnut and white oak wood veneers with a medium-density fiberboard core, and have an antimicrobial protective coating and share an interlocking installation method. Corner trims are available. Linear, Ziggurat and Formation are enhanced with a four-layer construction to provide a dimensional and distinctly designed acoustical panel. Ziggurat and Linear are available with the acoustical backing option or as a decorative veneer. Cuboid and Contour are solely decorative panels. These playful patterns point to the nuances for today's spaces aesthetically and acoustically, and with a focus on wellness.
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