Cello and Paragon
Cello is a sheer that has a bit of weight to it, thanks to the thicker, cottonlike yarns. This sheer’s pattern is woven in a structured format, much like the strings and frets of a stringed instrument. It has a natural slub to it, giving the pattern a handwoven feel, and is available in 4 colorways that show off the weave’s uniqueness. Cello comes in a wide width and also is Oeko-Tex® certified. Paragon brings the best aspects of opulence and metallic shine together in this modern interpretation of an art deco pattern. The geometric shapes have a linear quality and give this textile more flexibility to be fabricated as is or railroaded in the window. Paragon is available in 3 neutral shades from taupe to sand.
Cello and Paragon Banner
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