Kelly Hoppen 10
Richloom Contract has partnered with Kelly Hoppen CBE for the past seven years, creating a diverse selection of cutting-edge designs. Kelly Hoppen CBE is widely known in the design community for her neutral palette, with taupe as her signature color. Hoppen’s classic taupe is neither too warm nor too cool, and is balanced, peaceful and calm. In books 9 and 10, Richloom Contract offers these sophisticated taupes and other neutrals in varying textures and weaves, which pair cohesively with the rest of the Kelly Hoppen line for Richloom Contract. Richloom Contract is thrilled with this new collection, which features exquisite textures, modern patterns and bold shades of color and neutrals. Globally inspired and tastefully curated, the color palette of this collection is modern and clean. Designed to create luxury interiors and bring residential looks to hospitality, Richloom Contract is delighted to make this happen with Kelly Hoppen CBE.
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