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Noir Series
The firm has perfected the design of finishes that reproduce the natural shine of sedimentary and organic rocks in its range of floor and wall tiles. Porcelanosa returns to ancient stone in its new collections of floor and wall tiles. Inspired by limestone, slate and sandstone, these tiles pair the rocks' beauty and authenticity with the strength of ceramic tiles ― qualities that reinforce the timelessness so characteristic of the firm's overall design. Putting simplicity and harmony ahead of all else, collections such as Noir can be used to create more expansive, limitless spaces, thanks to their natural finishes and gray and beige tones. This apparent neutrality marries perfectly with industrial or Nordic interiors, with their minimalist aesthetic and uniform colors. This can be seen in Noir, with a soft surface and fine veins that will add luminosity to spaces such as living rooms and bathrooms. Noir is available in four shades: Silver, Topo, Acero and Caliza. If you want to enrich your space even further, you can include plant-inspired accent tiles, Spiga Noir and Hojas Noir. The design in Acero and Caliza will transform your walls into a backdrop of fallen leaves, with sculpted branches on the surface forming an artistic relief with beautiful movement.
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