3form is expanding its award-winning material platform, Varia, with a new collection, Veil. The 3form design team created a linen interlayer that is organic and refined, resulting in a novel, dynamic product. The linen’s loose cross-weave forms a unique pattern in each panel, adding a textural quality to the strong, cleanable surface. Veil was developed for designers looking to add color and texture to a space simultaneously, while leveraging the unique advantages of Varia. Veil is available in 11 curated colors from 3form’s 2020 design collection specifically chosen to enhance the properties of the linen and provide an overall appealing design aesthetic for any space. Designers also can pair Veil with any of the 250 colors available in 3form’s color portfolio. The material’s healthy, cleanable surface and translucency highlights the rich, yet airy, feel of linen, reflecting the fabric’s delicate strength and the resilience and adaptability for which Varia is known.
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