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3form is expanding its latest sustainable material development, using the Varia platform called Flek, to include a range of warm colors. 3form takes waste material from the production process of Varia panels, grinds it into small pellets, sorts out remnants of old interlayers and presses the pellets into new Flek panels with approximately 75% recycled material. The result is a beautiful, durable, translucent, terrazzolike panel that has endless appeal. The inaugural Flek colors comprised a bright, pastel palette. The new Flek capsule collection draws on fresh colors from the recent 3form launch of the Varia Design Collection, a curated selection of Varia colors and patterns, adding intentional pops of color to a set of strong neutrals. The palette feels warm, referencing natural materials and the influence of 1970s design aesthetics on today’s biggest trends. Flek showcases 3form’s commitment to sustainability and advanced technology, creating a beautiful speckled pattern in each unique, closed-loop panel.
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