At a time where distance is more prevalent than ever, 3form’s new Artisan Collection symbolizes connection ― with our environment, with the people who create the materials used in our built environment and with inhabitants of the spaces in which we live and work. Designed collaboratively with skilled artisans around the world, the Artisan Collection lays handmade, globally inspired patterns within 3form’s translucent Varia panels. Composed of locally sourced materials developed by Indonesian and Senegalese craftspeople, the dynamic wall panels bring nature and intrigue to any gathering space. Each Artisan pattern is created by hand and shipped to 3form’s factory in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the team meticulously arranges the materials, also by hand, into each made-to-order panel. Available in four unique patterns ― Bentuk, Tribe, Savu, and Ladder ― each one-of-a-kind panel is layered with color from 3form’s Fall 2020 palette for added depth and richness and a wide range of design options. Artisan styles also can be customized by pairing the patterns with any color available in its color portfolio.
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