2021 Design Collection
Award-winning materials manufacturer 3form introduces a new line of earth-toned shades that demonstrate the relationship between color and light . From off-whites and cool grays to dusty blues, the collection showcases the soft side of 3form’s color portfolio with 13 neutral hues. Designed in response to the temperature of our world, these natural neutrals bring comfort to built environments and set the color story for 3form’s upcoming 2021 collections. Available in 3form’s translucent Varia and Chroma panels, each space division illuminates with natural light, allowing connectivity and privacy to coexist within a communal space. Balancing serenity and sophistication, the 2021 Design Collection adds warmth to commercial environments, including healthcare facilities, corporate offices, coworking spaces, hotel lobbies and more. When applied with Varia’s force and flexibility, each panel is highly durable, easy to clean and a safe, translucent partition in high-traffic areas. Also available in 3form’s horizontal surface material, Chroma, the 2021 Design Collection maintains high durability while transmitting an abundance of natural light.
2021 Design Collection Banner
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