Blendz Patina
Móz Designs introduces 11 new earth-toned Blendz / Patina colorways that bring the look of naturally timeworn textures to commercial spaces, using sleek, lightweight metal materials. Available in rusted copper hues, deep forest greens and moody grays, the colors appear antique, while maintaining a smooth, easy-to-clean finish. Crafted with solid-core aluminum, the new colorways are made to withstand disinfectants and high-traffic areas as we prepare to re-enter shared spaces. Following the industry’s movement toward holistic design, Blendz / Patina’s 100% recyclable panels pair beautifully with natural materials like wood, steel and concrete. Specifiable as space dividers, walls, columns and exterior applications, the new Blendz / Patina colorways offer designers more options to create safe, yet design-forward, environments.
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