Atmosphere by LG Hausys Flooring, a new homogeneous sheet flooring solution, enables designers to meet the rigorous health, safety and design requirements for waiting rooms and operating rooms, while adding soothing shades and geometric patterns. Debuting the manufacturer’s innovative chip design, Atmosphere combines dependable antibacterial properties with outstanding durability, simple maintenance and a palette of fresh, uplifting colors. Coordinating mix-and-match colors allows designers to add dynamism and functionality to built environments, assisting with wayfinding, for example, or creating designated areas in which social distancing and separation is needed. Atmosphere features LG Hausys's Ultra Clean UV Surface Treatment™, making it impervious to mutating bacteria, scratches or staining with commonly used medical supplies like iodine, thus ensuring the utmost physical safety. In addition, Atmosphere boasts a 100% FloorScore® for low volatile organic compounds, further adhering to LG Hausys Flooring's vision for creating safe, eco-conscious spaces.
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