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The upgrades offered in the new Naturelle+Plus™ line are more than skin deep. From a new assortment of high-resolution designs to its thicker and improved 22 mil commercial wear layer and a core reformulation that preserves its green heritage, every aspect was reconsidered. The designs include 10 nonwood planks in versatile concrete, woven textiles and reclaimed styles, as well as the introduction of extra-large, 24-inch tiles in bold patterns and a reimagining of the fundamental wood designs for application versatility. Naturelle+Plus™ continues its tradition of salvaging vinyl to reduce its environmental impact, and adds Adore® Duramond™, CleanTech™ and MicroCeramic™ proprietary technologies for maximum commercial performance and durability, crafted by our FloorScore®, ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-certified factories.
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