These manufacturers of textiles, wallcovering and glass slabs strive to meet growing environmental concerns by producing products made entirely from recycled post-consumer and post-industrial waste. Textiles made from other textiles — recycled polyester and nylon fibers — reduce landfill waste, while also cutting back on production of petroleum-based synthetic fibers. Brentano’s Marble fabric is cleverly crafted from recycled sweaters that are then spun into a single worsted yarn before being rewoven into a versatile flannel. Coverings Etc offers performance glass slabs made from recycled beverage bottles heated through a patented sintering process. Recycled magazines are cut into strips and hand plaited by artisans to create Weitzner’s Kodiak wallcovering. Many products also are recyclable, fully closing the loop. These products set an outstanding example for the future of materials for the built environment.
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