This roundup of some of our best stone alternatives offers the luxurious look of stone, but with benefits the real thing can’t beat. Ceramic tiles and slabs beautifully replicate the most popular white marble types — including Calacatta, Carrara and statuary — without the fuss of worrying about staining and maintenance. These products offer plenty of performance properties, including resistance to stains, slips and abrasion. Many of these tiles and laminates are made from recycled or recyclable content, and are not a finite resource like quarried stone. Replicas of typically high-priced onyx and agate offer precious stones within reach. Filled travertine, Belgian bluestone, granite and limestone also are convincingly rendered and even come in tumbled finishes. Thanks to ever-advancing graphic technology, you can have your cake and eat it, too, with the look of luxury combined with affordability, durability and functionality.
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