Shades of white, black and gray offer strong moods for wood flooring. Diverse wood species ― including oak, teak, birch, maple and walnut ― come in many cuts and grain characters. White flooring options are bleached, stained or color-tinted for an effect that is bright and clean. Match white walls and light neutrals for an overall mood that is light, airy and organic, and perfect for residential or hospitality projects. Choose from many shades of gray ― the ideal neutral for an urban aesthetic ― or find a gray to complement the hue or tone of other colors in the room. Classic ebony floors, achieved through charring, staining or tinting, evoke old-world luxury. Textures that simulate driftwood and linen, or craftsmanlike wire-brushed textures, offer additional style options. With so many choices for a specific contemporary style, these neutrals are anything but neutral.
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