Maharam and Schumacher reproduce original designs from the archives of some of the greatest designers in history, offering iconic pieces that truly are within reach. Schumacher, established in 1889, has had a long history of collaborating with iconic designers. Frank Lloyd Wright created original designs for the brand in 1955, cuttings of which reside in the New York Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. Legendary fashion designer Paul Poiret also collaborated with the brand in 1930, bringing his light, whimsical take on deco luxury to wallcoverings and upholstery fabric. Similarly, Maharam offers designs from modernists with a more graphic eye, including Vernor Panton, Alexander Girard and Gio Ponti, as well as designs that Charles and Ray Eames created for a 1947 competition for MoMA. Thanks to these manufacturers, those significant designs are not confined to museums and archives, but can be placed into contemporary projects that play with historical references.
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