UFP-Edge provides the premium wood siding and pattern boards you need to create stunning interior and exterior spaces. With several profile options, different finishes, species and sizes, you can make your designs come to life.
"Our workable lengths, factory applied finishing and end matched boards make installation quick and easy. Create masterpieces for your clients that are designed to be seen."

Product highlights

Our Process

We select the highest-grade lumber available, free of wane and with only small, tight knots that highlight the warm characteristics of natural wood. Then, we shape and mold it using processes that protect the integrity of the wood, including kiln drying to minimize swelling, warping and shrinkage.

Our Factory

Our factory finishing ensures evenly applied coatings, long-term performance and ready-to-install products. Because we are conscious of our footprint, we use low volatile organic compounds coatings to help reduce the impact on the environment.


Kevin Muenzenmeyer

2801 East Beltline Avenue North East
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49525

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