Konkretus has been creating unique concrete furniture for both indoor and outdoor spaces for the last 11 years. Handcrafted in Colombia with meticulous attention to detail, our pieces showcase the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.
"Concrete Objects."

Product highlights

What to Expect

  • It's sealed concrete is a material that by nature absorbs liquids. For this reason, our sinks are sealed with the best sealant on the market.
  • It's hand made no two pieces are the same. Each piece is made by hand and there Will be differences between them.
  • Each of our sinks is totally unique pores. Pores are a natural characteristic of concrete.
  • We Love Living in Colors

  • Custom color all of our designs
  • Colors in concrete are seldom solid and homogeneous. In each piece, there will be different shades of the same color, which give each of our products a special character.
  • Handcrafted in Colombia

  • Each piece is unique.
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    1525 North Park Drive
    Suite 104
    Weston, Florida 33326

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