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Patty Madden Digital Wallcovering
The arrival of the digital era meant Patty Madden now could enter into the fullness of her artistry. With cutting-edge computer technology and a strategic understanding of the numerous layers of manufacturing, Madden takes innovative artwork "beyond the frame." Whatever the creative concept, walls now can be expressed in a full palette spectrum, unlimited scale possibilities and near-immediate rendering potential, and on an array of new printing substrates. Taking what formerly was impossible, Madden has translated into the possible. Luxe Surfaces provides any of our 32 patterns in a 17-by-24-inch sample size, digitally printed on 20-ounce Mylar™. This media, in combination with our proprietary, lenticular embossing, lends an unmatched luminosity to wall design. The subtle, crosshatched, light refractive texture contributes depth, dimension and durability that further intensifies image impact and longevity. With a Pantone color key, spatial dimensions and substrate example, Luxe Surfaces samples help the client envision any pattern in their designed space.
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