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Kyoto and Sumi
Taking its cue from traditional Japanese textiles, Kyoto echoes the sweeping uniformity of the artisan stitching and resist dyeing techniques seen in age-old apparel with its geo-organic pattern. The striated grid is woven using an innovative printed yarn that creates the fluid and fluctuating broken check, adding an extra design touch and complementing the relaxed aesthetic of the lightly textured fabric. Building on the simple, clean lines of Sumi, Kyoto’s graceful geometric pattern adds another layer of originality to create the perfect textile design pairing. Designed to work in harmony with Sumi’s color offering, the textile’s deliberately restrained palette allows for simple coordination of the two to create serene interiors as graceful as the garments themselves. Taking its name from monochromatic Japanese ink painting, Sumi embodies simplicity of style with a functional, minimalist approach. Respecting the authenticity of natural materials and quality craftsmanship, the textile is made from worsted woven wool using fine marl yarns. This creates subtle gradation in color for heightened visual interest, while retaining the purity of simple, clean lines. Cozy, yet contemporary, the soft feel of this textile invites a homely vibe into contract interiors, while ensuring a luxurious finish with its tonal sophistication and appearance of luxury apparel.
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