Commercial + Residential
Carnegie’s Halcyon Collection is a line of privacy solutions and TPO wallcoverings that contributes to the design of welcoming, safe and restorative spaces. Carnegie collaborated with artist and designer Jill Malek to develop a sophisticated collection that is fresh and contemporary. Halcyon’s six patterns ― Pastures, Tilled, Grasslands, Eucalyptus, Husk and Hillside ― take notes from the more end user-focused hospitality and residential design markets, veering away from institutional aesthetics and creating bright and airy settings through organic, biophilic forms. Having consulted with health care professionals to ensure color palettes and patterns were conducive to this mood, the design team used imagery that has a soft and continuous flow and is easy on the eyes. Within each organic pattern, movement suggests flowing fields on a sunny day.
Halcyon Banner