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HanStone Quartz - Summer 2020

From bright whites and warm earthy tones, to cool statement colors and timeless neutrals, HanStone Quartz’s newest styles are designed with you in mind. Combining warm earthy tones and soft, wispy veining, Awaken delivers an elegant infusion of distinctive design and soothing energy to any interior space. Evoking strength and balance, the cool gray tone of Embrace is elevated with soft white marbling for a bold, timeless look. Striking by design, Calacatta Gold’s sweeping veins stand proud against its solid white background. Balanced and bold, Calacatta Gold adds an air of confidence in any space. Classically cool and timeless, Drift's soft white hue is balanced and versatile, delivering the perfect base to any color palette.
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Project Modal
    • Example: Headquarter renovation in Chicago. Around 17,000 sf of office space with ancillary hospitality/break out zones. Focused neutral colored materials throughout.

      Project Descriptions are shared with Brands.