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Impressions II
Townsend Leather unveils its newest line, Impressions II, a velvet-like Nubuck cowhide that showcases full-hide (55 to 60 square feet) embossing in three distinct patterns. The Petals pattern inspires new ideas and fresh interpretations of design, highlighting the intricacies of the organically flowing texture. The bold, triangular lines of the Apache Blanket pattern flaunts tribal print perfection. Don’t be fooled by the third pattern name, Poinsettia. This whimsical, floral design can and should be used year-round. Hand-tipped in tonal or metallic pigments that dazzle each of the six refined colors, including Calming Charcoal, Rosewater and Woodsy Brown, Impressions II surely is an easy fit into any design.
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