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Lucida Surfaces designs, engineers, manufactures and delivers a wide range of rigid core flooring solutions to fit your specific designs and specifications. With products that are a snap to install, durable, waterproof, long-lasting, sustainable, environmentally friendly and sound-reducing, Lucida Surfaces specializes in helping multifamily developers, architects and designers set the perfect stage for life.

Lucida Surfaces.

A floor is a stage ― life’s stage. It is a stage upon which you play your music, a stage upon which you live your symphony and a stage upon which you stand, walk, dance and move in harmony.

To perform upon a stage that reflects your music, you need a surface that upholds your life. Lucida elevates your designs and spaces by setting life’s stage.

We offer rigid core floors, a snap-into-place flooring system that’s durable, flexible and economical. Our products are MaxCore™, TerraCore™, DecoCore™, GlueCore™ and TimberCore™.

Setting Life's Stage.


These are among the core advantages of our floors. Minuscule ceramic beads finish all Lucida surfaces for maximum scratch resistance, strength and quality. Every plank is treated with four layers of finish for an unparalleled countenance. Each plank is anchored around white limestone for ultimate balance, character and sustainability. The high-tech underlayer is a moisture resistant, mighty gripping, sound-reducing, balance-enhancing marvel. Planks snap together in, well, a snap. No messy adhesive is required. All Lucida products (except for the real-wood TimberCore™) are 100% waterproof.


EnCore™ technology is a customized, four-layer veneer coat with a ceramic bead finish for maximum quality. CorePrit’s™ composition is as strong as its baseline. CorePrit™ technology is a white limestone core essence that is the spine of our product. CoreNucopia™ is an underlayer that never should be underappreciated or underestimated. CoreNucopia™ technology is a subtle, adhering material that grounds every plank.

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