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Goldray collaborates with architects, designers and glaziers to create decorative architectural glass for mostly interior projects across North America. We have built a reputation with our clients as a firm willing to take on the most challenging design installations. Our continued investment in new technologies keeps us ahead of the industry curve.

Goldray Glass.

Our mission is to create value by innovating in the built environment and to construct a solution-focused, collaborative setting that gives our partners the freedom to explore their own creativity. We are driven by our pride in workmanship, and we provide outstanding service to our clients, who expect quality and an exceptional experience. Whatever the project, we offer more ways to efficiently install glass. Goldray products inspire.

The Goldray Promise.

Having an on-site manufacturing facility allows the Goldray team to be hands-on with all aspects of the production process. Our clients benefit from real-time information throughout their job.

Goldray promises to inspire the industry, collaborate for success and deliver extraordinary value.


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4605 52nd Avenue Southeast
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2C 4N7
800.640.3709 (Toll Free)

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