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Story Teller Collection
Discover a contemporary twist to a beloved classic with the Story Teller wood-look porcelain tile collection by Crossville. By weaving the antique art of cerusing with modern digital technology, Crossville achieves a mirrored, light-and-dark woodgrain appearance in 48-inch-long plank tiles. Cerusing, a contrasting technique developed to highlight graining, was created by the French in the 16th century, yet its stunning effects are as current today as when they first were discovered so long ago. Showcasing this technique’s incomparable style, Story Teller is offered in 4 pairs of colorways, each designed to reflect the pale and deepened tonalities generated by this process. The colors invite built-in coordination for wall-to-floor or floor-to-floor transitions. The array of trims offers ideal options to finish your design story with finesse. Responsibly manufactured in the United States, Story Teller is a certified porcelain collection that’s sure to help you book epic new projects.
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