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From the height of the Jazz Age to the modern day, nightclubs set the stage for great talent. In these soulful venues, traditional hardwood flooring bears the nuances of each evening’s show with timeworn grace. The high-low sheen of endless waxing, scuffs from chair legs and subtle undulations from nightly foot traffic mark these floors with character and style. Now, in your newest designs, you can incorporate this authentic, aged hardwood patina with the Jazz Age porcelain tile collection. Jazz Age delivers just the right amount of visual distressing interpreted in durable, enduring porcelain. Planks that are 8 by 48 inches provide realistic sizing. Herringbone and 2-inch-square mosaics modernize the offering. Bullnose trim hits the low notes, and cove base finishes the beat. And unlike its true wood predecessor, Jazz Age is easy to clean and maintain in high-traffic areas and offers powerful performance that’s worthy of a standing ovation every time. Style, character, strength ― get all that with Jazz Age by Crossville.
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