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Litokol Italy was founded in 1968, and is a world leader in tile and stone installation products, selling to more than 140 countries. ZHERORisk® is Litokol's new initiative of installation products, with no risks to the installer, jobsite, transportation or the environment, while maintaining high performance and unequalled fashion.

Tile Doctor / Litokol USA.

In 2000, Curt Rapp founded The Tile Doctor out of consumer demand for comprehensive information related to the tile industry. The Company has actively built on The Tile Doctor brand by looking for true innovation, registering trademarks, seeking patents, and expanding its quality product offering.

Litokol, with headquarters in Rubiera – Italy, since 1968 has been promoting innovative solutions for professionals in the construction industry and the design world. Litokol tile and stone installation products are widely used and well-respected around the world not only for quality and performance but also for the aesthetic value they bring to any tile or mosaic installation.

Litokol products are used in the industry for both Residential & Commercial Tile and Stone projects, along with being a leading supplier for the pool industry. A careful selection of raw materials, meticulous management of the production chain and an efficient research and development department guarantee consistently high-quality products conforming to European standards.

Litokol products are proudly published on mindful MATERIALS library.

Litokol adheres to ISO 9001-2000 certification and received the Environmental Management System Standard ISO 14001 in 2020.

Why ZHERORisk®?

In 2016, the European Union set out to reduce the corrosive nature of installation products for tile and stone through a project called ZERO (Zero Environmental Risks in Our buildings). ZHERORisk® is a research initiative by Litokol’s R&D division, with participation by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering) of Bologna, and external research institutes. The ZHERORisk® platform is a technology that aims to develop an innovative generation of eco-sustainable building materials at “zero risk.” The goal is to guarantee the safety of people through three aspects: safeguarding the health of jobsites and installers; improving the quality of air in homes, places of work and various shared public areas; and ensuring safety in transporting goods.

ZHERORisk® products were born out of this effort, and have been finely tuned since. ZHERORisk® products, in addition to being eco-compatible and safe for the environment and human health, with ultra-low volatile organic compounds emissions, can be transported safely because they are free from substances that harm the environment and not subject to ADR regulations that govern transporting hazardous goods. With the new basic substances developed as a result of the ZHERORisk® project, it was possible to obtain products with minimum-risk labeling and no obligations imposed by the ADR regulation, allowing for significant cost savings in shipping and logistical time frames. Until now, to get the highest performing products, the chemistries have been corrosive and presented serious risks to everyone and every building. Now, there is an absolute choice available to use safer, cleaner and better products without negative offsets related to cost or performance.


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