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Founded in 1987, Caesarstone was the pioneer of the natural quartz surfaces market. Its dominant position has been achieved through continuous investment and innovation, extensive research and development, highly trained personnel and an advanced market infrastructure. For more than a decade, Caesarstone has set new standards in innovation and craftsmanship, and we continue to set the trends in the industry.


Caesarstone Ltd. has its head office in Sdot Yam, Israel, and manufactures quartz surfaces at three facilities on two continents ― two locations in Israel and one plant in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

At Caesarstone, we are as passionate about protecting the environment as we are about our products. Caesarstone has updated its health product declaration to align with the new HPD v2.1.1 standard. It is endorsed by the National Health and Safety Foundation in accordance with international NSF 51 sanitary standards.

All Caesarstone surfaces comply with U.S. GREENGUARD Environmental Institute certification, which primarily verifies that Caesarstone’s products meet the most stringent indoor air emission standards. Caesarstone products are viewable in the mindful MATERIALS Library. We also are the only surfaces manufacturer to hold the coveted Good Housekeeping Seal of approval.

Caesarstone also has pioneered environmental and sustainability standards, such as recycling 97% of the water used in manufacturing and collecting dust from shipping, handling, production and processing. Caesarstone consistently seeks to protect the planet and the well-being of our customers.

Caesarstone has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in our industry. Whether it’s developing new technologies and production processes that allow us to create breakthrough designs or working with the world’s leading designers to generate new concepts, Caesarstone has a passion for innovation that is unmatched in our field. We have created different textures, different finishes and radical new designs.

An Environment First Perspective.

At Caesarstone, minimizing our impact on the environment is a top managerial priority that involves all employees and departments to assure our sustainability leadership.

We aim to create durable, low-maintenance products that support healthier environments and better use of material resources. We are committed to supporting voluntary programs and achieving independent certification for key initiatives.

We are committed to resource efficiency in our production processes, including raw material management, energy savings, water recycling, recycled packaging and efficient use of auxiliary materials. These are the ways:

Saving water: We operate a filtering system and recycle 97% of water used in the production processes.

Reducing soil pollution: We recycle industrial material excess to reduce landfill burial and soil pollution.

Using eco-friendly packaging: Seventy percent of the raw silica is received as bulk deliveries without the need for additional packaging materials. One hundred percent of the polymers that we use are delivered in reusable ISO tanks. One hundred percent of the boxes used to pack Caesarstone samples are made of recycled cardboard.

Saving energy: Caesarstone uses a regeneration thermal oxidizer system to dispose of harmful gases in all production plants, which has contributed significantly to energy savings at our production sites.

Using post-production materials: Some of our products are made with recycled materials, which reduces our demand for primary raw materials and diverts waste from landfills. Caesarstone also is committed to a safe, clean working environment.

Purifying the air: We operate air purification systems in the plant and its surroundings.

Protecting the environment against dust: We collect dust throughout the manufacturing process.

Storing materials responsibly: Caesarstone stores raw materials in a safe, clean environment on sealed pallets to prevent leakage of ground-polluting substances.


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