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DuPont Tedlar Wallcovering - Avant-Garde

New for fall, Tedlar™ Wallcovering added two new patterns to its Avant-Garde Collection, Set in Stone and Sequoia. Set in Stone’s resemblance to concrete allows architects and designers to conceptualize new uses for the popular texture. The variety of colors provides flexibility for adding dimension and depth to all types of spaces. Named for its majestic wood visage, the Sequoia pattern and color palette was created through a partner group of architects and designers to help bring the outdoors in. Tedlar™ Wallcovering provides a new, low-cost, reliable solution that can take any design to new heights.
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    • Example: Headquarter renovation in Chicago. Around 17,000 sf of office space with ancillary hospitality/break out zones. Focused neutral colored materials throughout.

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