Passaggi and Sassari
Bring the look and feel of silk into the guest room with Passaggi. This couture, silklike drapery textile mesmerizes with its washed and worn brick pattern, along with shimmery accents. Passaggi adds a touch of opulence to a room and comes in a selection of tones that are sure to elevate any design. Sassari is a two-dimensional, pinstriped textile reminiscent of the copious art and winding roads of the small Italian city, Sassari. This upholstery line features 5 distinct colorways of OEKO-TEX® certified fabric, each vertically ribbed with multicolor yarns. Sassari’s attention-grabbing stripes increase in visibility depending on color. This durable textile is a great pick for any project.
Passaggi and Sassari Banner
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