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Regent and Port
Regent effortlessly combines glamour with practicality. With a matte finish and a directionless pile, this velvet textile brings contemporary luxury to any space. With a soft, tightly woven pile, available in 24 colorways, Regent echoes the luxurious appearance of velvet and possesses the durability for both seating and drapery applications. Port is a place of shelter, protection and sanctuary. It takes its inspiration from well-known Michigan harbors, which provide a safe anchorage for weary sailors and for vessels from rough waters and natural disasters. Similarly on furniture, it protects and upholds in high-traffic areas, providing maximum durability. With a palette of 22 soft neutrals and muted tones, Port is the perfect environmentally conscious phthalate-free vinyl to help create a positive impact on any interior space. Port is compliant with California Proposition 65 and Assembly Bill 2998.
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