An extension of 3form’s textile offerings, this capsule collection envelops three new woven textiles, Villa, Vera and Vita, in Varia’s translucent panels. Combined with colors from 3form’s earth-toned 2021 Design Collection palette, the textiles add richness and dimension to Varia, while diffusing natural light to leverage privacy and togetherness. Created with versatility in mind, each of the classic textiles perfectly complements the hallmarks of hospitality, corporate and health care designs. Made with slubby white linen, Villa evokes a sense of comfort and disrupts the uniformity of Varia’s sleek panels. Vera offers the same plain weave linen in light gray, creating a muted look when combined with the 2021 Design Collection colors. Vita is a new woven textile, with a loose leno weave reminiscent of textures used in residential design.
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