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Performance Hospitality Bedding

Hospitality Bedding

Discover a variety of durable stain-resistant fabrics for bedding, perfect for hotels or even residential kids’ rooms. Many options also offer a variety of performance features, including antimicrobial finishes, easy maintenance and ecological benefits.
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Stone and Glass Combined

Stone and
Glass Combined

The sparkle of glass and the richness of stone meet in this stunning selection of mixed mosaics. The sophisticated pairing of unlikely materials gives a classic penny tile a luxurious upgrade, while innovative designs take a contemporary approach to ornamentation.
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High-Abrasion Resistant Velvets

Resistant Velvets

See our most durable velvets in a trending palette of saturated jewel tones. Banquettes for restaurants, bars, lounges and lobbies will benefit from an ultra-luxe traditional look or a nod to disco-era glamour. Practicality and luxury pair perfectly for commercial or residential interiors.
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Inspired by Collage

by Collage

Indulge in the varied color and abstract patterns of wallcoverings inspired by the art of collage. Woven wallcoverings made from recycled newspapers and movie posters are literal representations of collage, while abstract designs printed on vinyl allude to the technique.
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